Crushes and Bikes (Nicole)

This story involves a crush that was completely unattainable, he was in high school and I was in middle school. Let’s be real this guy didn’t even know I existed. But, I thought he was cute and so did every other girl in my class.
It all started one fateful summer day where I happened to be doing what I always did in the summer…ride my bike. As I was riding my bike down the street I lived on noticed my crush roofing a new house and I couldn’t help but stare as I rode by, sighed and swooned, I got back to focusing on the road when…BAM… I rode my bike into a construction trailer, flipped over my handle bars and landed onto the pavement. Adrenaline had kicked in, I shot up off the pavement and did a quick assessment of any injuries. I saw that I had scraped up my hands and was bleeding. I don’t know about any of you, but when I was little if I had hurt myself and saw the injury tears were soon to follow.
I grabbed my bike off of the pavement and looked to the roof where I saw the guy continuing to shingle, and like the wind I got on my bike and road off into the sunset of awkwardness.
P.S. Because I’m a visual person, this gif sums up the above.
42us2 copy

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