Behind the Awkward

We are just two average midwestern 20-somethings (okay, I may be 30-something, ahem–Amanda) trying to navigate grown up life and succeeding…awkwardly.

About us:

Amanda: I’m single and live with a one-eyed Rottweiler and an assortment of foster Pit Bulls. I love music (Pearl Jam, Ryan Adams, Avett Brothers), cooking, and pretending to be a hippie (but really I drive an SUV, so FAIL). Nicole and I met at work, where we bonded over our shared awkwardness. We like to make each other cry from laughing at the stories of our escapades. I like to overuse parentheses and ellipses, but if I could marry a mark of punctuation, it would be the semicolon. Oh, I also like randomness. And Pandas. I also blog at

Nicole: I’m a 27 year old midwesterner who is trying to figure out who she is. A self-described girl-next door with a flare of awkwardness that burns bright (ie I talk to myself on a frequent basis and I have an obsession with minions) working to navigate my way through being a grown-up and trying to find love to boot.

P.S. I would love to have a panda, but I’m not responsible enough to have one.


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